Code name: Head Bash

"Head Bash" is an action game where you play as a frightened cat trying to accumulate points as you bounce wall to wall, collecting golden yarn and avoiding enemies for a magic escape portal to appear... only to be transported to a similar environment... this is purgatory.

There are 5 unique enemies. The Follower(Robo-Bees) targets you at the moment it has spawned. The Bouncer(Knifey-Crab) trails back and forward minding its own business. Unless you get in his way, then you get the knife. The Chaser/Creeper(Muscle Bound Dogs) walks around talking about its pects until you're in sight. The Catcher(Dog and Dog House) has it the worst. The poor thing is attached to its static home, but if you get close, you'll get chomped. And finally the Exploder(Dancing Cactus), boy he's cheery until he pops and releases his thorns.

Try your best to escape these wonderful enemies and collect as much points while you are at it.

Coming Soon